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Today, the Kharkov Bearing Plant (former GPZ-8, at present – JSC HARP) holds leading positions in the CIS bearing industry.

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HARP is a modern production complex, which is situated on the territory of 450 000 square meters. Over 5 000 employees, highly qualified technical specialists and professional managers work at the plant. The plant manufactures over 500 types of bearings, certified in compliance with GOST-520. All bearings undergo a full complex of quality control, which includes the control of 50 parameters. 

The history of the company dates back to 1945. After the Great Patriotic War, the restoration and rehabilitation of the national economy began and the demand for bearings with different design, loading rating and purpose rapidly increased. Just in those days, on the outskirts of Kharkov City the builders began to erect scaffolding of the first in the post-soviet Ukraine bearing-branch industrial company. By winter, the first plant building had been completed.   The materials and equipment were received from the 1st, 3rd and 4th GPZ, which in those years had a wide experience in the organization and arrangement of production and output of bearings. Specialists in turning, grinding and tool works arrived from Moscow, Kuybyshev and Saratov. At the same time, the company was called the 8th Statel Bearing Plant (GPZ-8).

On September 1, 1946, the team of the plant developed and mastered the manufacture of the first three types of bearings: 203, 307 and 408.

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The first line of the plant was launched on November 1, 1947. By that time the plant had already manufactured 14 types of bearings and had supplied 200 000 bearings to the state. 

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n 1950-1951, the plant was re-equipped. The designers solved one of the main tasks –product quality and productivity improvement. Automated buffing and finishing machine for the bearing rings, aggregates for mechanical swarf processing, conveying system for bearing delivering from the assembly operations to packaging and conservation units were created. The plant is characterized with high pace of development. For seven years (1959-1965), the production has increased by more than twice. Every year the plant steadily moves into high gear.

The preparation for the creation of automated processing lines for railway car bearing rings and the transfer of forging manufacture to a new technical base started in 1964. In 1966, the plant was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the development of new products and for outstanding achievements.

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In 1975, the reconstruction of the production capacities was completed, which initiated a new stage in the development of the plant.

In the 1980s, the plant became a national leader in the supply of railway car bearings. Their production was organized and arranged on 32 automatic turning, grinding and heat treatment lines. At the same time, new industrial buildings were constructed.

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In 1994, Joint Stock Company Kharkov Bearing Plant (JSC HARP) was formed on the base of the 8th State Bearing Plant.

Харьковский подшипниковый завод (ХАРП)Since 2000, the UPEC Industrial Group became a shareholder and an investor of HARP.

With an advent of a new investor, by means of the introduction of new technologies and improvement of management system, a quantum leap in the manufacture and product sales was made, in particular:

UPEC is the first corporate body in Kharkov region, which undertook the assistance and implementation of high technologies in production.




After the completion of technology modernization program at HARP, the production of bearings of high accuracy classes with limited noise and vibration level will be launched. Continuous improvement of production technology and equipment, high professional level of engineers, large production and technical potential of support services enable HARP to quickly respond to ever-changing global market demands and to maintain the quality of its bearings at a high level in accordance with international standards.