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HARP bearings are distinguished with characteristic number of improved characteristics:

  1. Manufacturing on high-precision and high-performance equipment, both domestic and foreign production.
  2. Usage of effective seals.
  3. High accuracy in manufacturing of working surfaces of the bearing parts, as a result noise and vibration are reduced.
  4. Improved steel for bearings. For HARP ball bearings only ultra-pure with a reduced proportion of oxygen is used. This improved steel increases lifespan of the bearing and reduces fatigue failures.
  5. Optimized radius of the bearing races, that allows to increase the dynamic load capacity of bearings and, consequently, their durability.
  6. Superfinishing surface treatment. HARP ball bearings pass superfinishing machining of all working surfaces, that reduces bearings heat, improves noise and vibroacoustc performances, increases their durability.
  7. Improved ball. In HARP bearings there are used balls with a high degree of accuracy (accuracy of 5-16 degrees) to ensure noise and vibroacoustc characteristics, to increase durability.
  8. Improved roller. In HARP roller bearings the roller is applied with modified contact, which improves bearing performance.
  9. Optimized cage. Usage of massive polyamide and brass cages in the bearings, that allows to minimize noise and vibration, to increase bearing speed capability.
Moreover Kharkov bearing plant  

  • includes specialized design Bureau – Ukrainian Bearing Industry Design and Technology Bureau (UKTBPP) which specializes in the design of antfriction bearings and equipment for their manufacturing
  • has the Ukraine's largest park of machine tools  ;with CNC 
  • providesfull technological production cycle  of ball and roller  bearings.