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CRВ HARP for locomotive traction motors

Single-row radial roller bearing with short cylindrical rollers

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CRB HARP cylindrical roller bearings for rolling stock are manufactured with outer diameter from 200 to 400 mm:
  • the car type – for the axleboxes of freight and passenger cars, electric trains
  • the locomotive type – for axleboxes, engines, generators and other machines

Over decades of the Soviet history, the Kharkov Bearing Plant HARP (formerly GPZ-8) was the USSR leading company in the design and development of new types of bearing products and served as an experimental base for the leading research institutions and design bureaus of the bearing industry, in particular, for the All-Russian Bearing Industry Scientific Research Institute (VNIIPP), All-Russian Railway Research Institute (VNIIZHT), and the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Railways of the USSR (CNIIMPS), etc. Most of the designs and new technologies, following their development by GPZ-8, were subsequently introduced into other USSR bearing plants.

The most significant innovations, providing economic benefits:

The UPEC latest innovations are sealed bearing units for locomotive traction motors (sealed single-row radial roller bearing units with short cylindrical rollers)

The bearing is a ready-to-use design for installation in traction motors of railway rolling stock.
It is produced according to ТУ VNIPP.051-99 and is used instead of bearings Н0-42330Л1М (Н0-32330МУ1, Н0-92417К2М, Н0-32332АМ1).

The new design has the following advantages:
  • extended maintenance-free periods up to 1million km
  • significantly reduced wear and high energy efficiency, with the unique Klüberplex BEM 41-132 HARP grease
  • high reliability, with the optimized design, improved technologies and use of the unique grease
  • low operating costs due to simplification of mounting and dismounting, increased maintenance intervals, and no additional lubrication
  • reduced vibration and noise, which directly effects the quality of the units (in particular, for traction motors and gearboxes)
Booklet "Bearing products for the space 1520".pdf
"Energy efficient HARP bearing units".pdf
Lubricants Kluberplex
Operations manual to radial roller bearings with short cylindrical rollers and shields doubled of H6-882726E2K1МУ type