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New Products

The main advantages of the bearings HARP:

  1. Usage of effective seals.
  2. High accuracy in manufacturing of working surfaces of the bearing parts, as a result noise and vibration are reduced.
  3. Improved steel for bearings. For HARP ball bearings only ultra-pure with a reduced proportion of oxygen is used. This improved steel increases lifespan of the bearing and reduces fatigue failures.
  4. Optimized radius of the bearing races, that allows to increase the dynamic load capacity of bearings and, consequently, their durability.
  5. Superfinishing surface treatment. HARP ball bearings pass superfinishing machining of all working surfaces, that reduces bearings heat, improves noise and vibroacoustc performances, increases their durability.
  6. Improved ball. In HARP bearings there are used balls with a high degree of accuracy (accuracy of 5-16 degrees) to ensure noise and vibroacoustc characteristics, to increase durability.
  7. Improved roller. In HARP roller bearings the roller is applied with modified contact, which improves bearing performance.
  8. Optimized cage. Usage of massive polyamide and brass cages in the bearings, that allows to minimize noise and vibration, to increase bearing speed capability.

CRU-duplex - cylindrical double bearing for freight and passenger cars — N6 882726Е2К1MYS43 

cru.jpgIt is intended for installation in serial wagons axle-box bodies with axial load of 23.5 t/s. It replaces a pair of bearings 30 42726Е2М and 30 232726E2M, or 36-42726Е2М and 36 232726E2M. It is supplied to the consumer assembled, lubricated and assembled according to the clearances and dimensions of inner rings bore.

Usage of CRU-duplex will increase between-repairs run up to 800 thousand km, will significantly reduce failures in axle unit operation, will drastically reduce the cost for preventive maintenance and repair of bearing units and will reduce consumption of lubrication , filled in the bearings.

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Catalogue «Bearings for railway transport».pdf   
For freight and passenger electric locomotives and diesel locomotives HARP plans to offer in the nearest future double bearings, which will provide between-repairs run of 1 million km. 

TBU – tapered bearing of cassette-type 

tbu.jpgFor a new generation of wagons with an axle load of 25 t/s and above HARP offers another product — tapered “cassette” bearing TBU.  

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Catalogue «Bearings for railway transport».pdf

Front wheel bearing 6-256907АЕК12L19

HARP-AUTO.jpgJSC HARP is one of the main suppliers of bearing products to the conveyor of JSC ZAZ.
Among the latest developments there is upgrading of the front wheel bearing front wheels 6-256907АЕК12L19 for cars LANOS, SENS, VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109, VAZ-21099, which serial supplies to the conveyor of the automobile plant are carried out since 2011.
Designation of the modernized bearing is 6-256907АЕК12L19.

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